Summer in Argyle is an Audible Original comedy I created, co-wrote, and executive produced, with a release date of March 10th, 2022.

It was an extraordinary opportunity for me to write, cast, produce, and supervise a full play (running time approx. 3.5 hours) complete with original music, a first for Audible. I worked alongside some of my biggest idols in comedy to bring my vision to life! Here’s a quick summary:

Summer in Argyle introduces us to Argyle, Ohio in 2013—a town full of strange people and places, where not a single resident has ever won anything. Naturally, the town that comes in second loves its substitute athletes, none more prominent than the high schooler Richie McDonough. So when he dies mysteriously at the July 4th Hotdog Eating Contest, the community is shaken to its core.

Argyle has it all: The DMV that is also a fancy restaurant. The world’s largest lost and found. A yearly murder. Two cent huts. A million dollars. And a doctor who is a children’s magician.

Starring David Cross, John Ennis, Tom Kenny, Stephanie Courtney, Tim Robinson, Jill Talley, Carl Tart, Paul F. Tompkins, Stephanie Hsu, Aasia Lashay Bullock, John C. Reilly, Sabrina Rios, Andrew Freidman, Michael Naughton, and many more! Featuring original music arranged by Eban Schletter, directed by Tim Kalpakis.