The Inquirist was the home for my satire and evergreen pieces from 2018 to 2021. I founded the website along with two friends, and over the four years wrote and/or edited over 250 original articles. A “more sophisticated” satire journal, it poked fun at higher-brow publications with longer articles, more character pieces, and a distinguished aesthetic. Over the course of its run, The Inquirist amassed over 150,000 pageviews and nearly 1,000 followers across all social media sites. I created and maintained the website along with a Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. I still post occasionally.

Colors w/ Nate & Ari

Colors was a podcast about, well, colors. Between 2020 and 2021 my cohost Ari Mostow and I would discuss a single color per episode (fan favorites included Orange (101), Yellow (104), Brown part I (105), and Brown part II (106)). It was a great chance to grow as an improviser and podcast host.

Outsider Sports — “Sports for the rest of us”

Outsider Sports was my summer 2018 project to create a sports blog for people who didn’t care about sports. Featuring silly commentary and sports satire, I wrote over 40 original pieces for the website. Outsider Sports was my first foray into creating satire for the web specifically, and was a great crash course on character writing.